Unspoken Gratitude from a Postpartum Wife – A Letter to My Husband

Dear Husband,

I know that when you come home as of late, you’re never exactly sure who you are going to be greeted by. It could be the smiling, warm, and loving woman who you chose to marry. It could be the anxious and panicking mess that has come up with a million reasons the sky is falling today. It could be the weepy lump who has found every reason under the sun to feel guilty and lonely. Or your most favorite, you could be greeted by the frustrated, annoyed, about to go postal crazy lady.

Well let’s admit it, all of these are a crazy lady. They are me.

And from all those, I want to take a moment to express my love and gratitude.

Unspoken Gratitude from a Postpartum Wife

Thank you for telling me I am beautiful, even when I am still in the same t-shirt and basketball shorts I was in yesterday, and especially when I haven’t brushed my hair or done my make up in three days. It reminds me that I am beautiful, but that I deserve time to get dressed and make myself presentable too.

Thank you for kissing me when you get home from work, even when I haven’t had time to brush my teeth yet. It reminds me to brush my teeth, and that I deserve love and attention too.

Thank you for always correcting me when I call myself fat, and reminding me that I just had a baby 2 months ago when I say I am doomed to be squishy for the rest of forever. It reminds me that taking care of my body is a priority too.

Thank you for listening to my crazy ramblings about how I can’t do anything right, or that I am a bad mom, or that I feel guilty for not going back to work, and thank you for not trying to fix how I am feeling, just listening and telling me it will be okay and giving me a hug is almost always just what I need. It reminds me that even Mommies can have grumpy days and throw tantrums, but that they don’t last forever.

Thank you for helping to fix the dinner I was fixing for you when I have to drop everything to nurse and comfort the baby. It reminds me that I am not in this alone.

Thank you for still grabbing my not so firm bottom and expressing want of me. It reminds me I’m a woman not just a walking bottle/chicken nugget cooker, and that no matter what my brain says you do in fact still want me and only me.

Thank you for telling me you love me, for saying hello multiple different times in the day, and winking at me. It reminds me that you are still in love with me, and that even in my postpartum haze I am still madly in love with you.

My hormones have given us both a run for our money. But I do not exaggerate when I say that without you I would have lost my mind. Thank you, for so much more then what I have listed. Thank you for being you. Because by being you, you have reminded me that I am me.

You are my rock.


Your adoring and kind of crazy wife.


5 thoughts on “Unspoken Gratitude from a Postpartum Wife – A Letter to My Husband

  1. This made me cry. I can relate to this post on such a deep level. So so beautiful. 💜 and very inspirational! Love your blog. Take a look at ours if you have a moment! Looking forward to your posts!


      1. I couldn’t agree more! I experienced a more challenging post partum with my son. Depression, anxiety, it was all so overwhelming. The only thing that helped was my family! 🙂 thank you for the follow looking forward to your posts as well!


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