Chocolate Sugar Body Scrub

With the holidays approaching I found myself dreading the thought of entering the shopping malls, driving through the insane traffic, and fighting crazy bargain lady for the last of whatever item she had her eyes on, and doing all of that with my littles in tow. So I remedied that this year was the year of making! I was going to DIY some presents and save myself and my kids the hassle of dealing with mankind during this joyous season.

To ease myself into the world of crafting the first item I made was a simple Chocolate Sugar Body Scrub. This process was so easy that with pre measured ingredients I would have trusted my four year old to make this.

Here’s what I did:

Chocolate Sugar Body Scrub DIY mixIngredients needed

½ cup of Sugar

½ cup of Raw Cane Sugar

1 tbsp Cocoa baking powder

¼ cup olive oil

1 tsp vanilla

This fills about 2, 8oz jars

  1. Combine all dry ingredients, do your best to make sure the cocoa is well mixed with the sugars. DO NOT USE EXTRA POWDER. You (or in my case my mother-in-law) will turn brown. Not so much fun…
  2. Add oil and vanilla, again checking the cocoa is well mixed and hasn’t formed any clumps.
  3. Spoon into container of choice.
  4. Seriously that’s it. You’re done.

Chocolate Sugar Body Scrub DIY

I used this in the tub to test my product (making sure I won’t be turning my mother-in-law brown for Christmas), and holy moly do my legs feel amazing! I found variations of the recipe everywhere. For example you can use coconut oil instead of olive, you can add chocolate shavings for aesthetic, but every recipe cautions against using more cocoa baking powder. Try the alternates out! Let me know how your scrub feels and smells, or if the receiver of your gift enjoys it!


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